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Design Services


Industrial Design

Developing a design from concept to finalization with thoughtful balance of aesthetics and function. The design process usually consists of about 5 stages.

Interior Design
of Bathrooms

Consulting clients who wish
to renovate or build a new bathroom in their house. With experience and knowledge about shapes, surfaces, colours and brands you will be guided towards a modern bathroom.

Creating an Identity

To become a remarkable brand it is necessary to think in large conext and in details at once. Therefore customers are guided from scratch to build up a strong identity due to unique design solutions.

3D Visualisations

Products can only shine
if they are presented in a sophisticated way: offering 3D visualisations with Keyshot 3D, from small visuals up to interior renderings.

Various kinds of small and large machines such as mills, grinders or erosion machines

Various devices to program
and control 
sound and light

Concept Design

Concept Designs for studies or visualisation processes to reveal and create the potential of moods, surfaces, colours, shapes, proportions and dimensions

household products, smartphones, watches etc.

Furniture Design

Furniture like chairs, sofas, dining tables and lounge chairs

Medical Design

Design of products for laboratory and medical use such as CTs/MRTs, hand sanitizer, devices

From creating a washbasin to the designing an entire range of bathroom products with a strong design language

Lamp designs of all kinds and forms, such as wall-, ceiling-, desk-, floor- and mobile lamps

Fashion Accessories

Accessories as details for fashionable clothes such as buttons or bracelets

Design as factor for innovation
The biggest challenge for a product nowadays is to find the balance between attractiveness, value of use and the costs for company and customer. ​A creative building process is valuable for modern product development as it is important to closely observe changes in our society and exponentially growing competitors
who are already counting on core competencies of design in every field. At the beginning of a successful cooperation stands a comprehensive and personal initial meeting. This serves to reveal your particular goals and in which dimension it is supposed to be realised.
The following steps are representing a general structure of our cooperative creative process:

Stage 0

First Meeting


Stage I

Concept + Ideation


Stage II - III

CAD Concept

CAD Construction


Stage IV

Refinement and Prototypes


Stage V

Final Product Definitions



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